Andy Lee finds out what Australia really thinks


Channel 9 will gauge the pulse of the nation when The Hundred with Andy Lee premieres next Tuesday.

In this weekly one-hour, prime-time comedy panel show, Andy is joined by 100 everyday Aussies who Zoom into the studio from all over the continent to tell us what the nation is really thinking.

Handpicked to represent the demographic make-up of Australia, “The Hundred” are standing by to be polled live and give us the stories behind the stats while three comedy panellists battle it out to see who knows Australia best.

How many Australians have been arrested? Have you ever dumped your partner by text? How many of us believe in God? Have you ever parked in a disabled spot? Who has never tried Vegemite?

The Hundred with Andy Lee tackles the big weekly talking points in a funny and irreverent way. Whatever story is gripping the nation, we’ll be able to find out what Australia really thinks about it.

Joining Andy every week will be comedian Mike Goldstein, along with a selection of other comedians and celebrity guests including Tom Gleeson, Hamish Blake, Becky Lucas, Rhys Nicholson, Sophie Monk, Sam Campbell, Nikki Britton, Aaron Chen and many more.

For your chance to have your say and join the cast of The Hundred, sign up here.

The Hundred is an original concept by Screentime Australia and Andy Lee, produced in association with Channel 9.


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