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Follow the adventures of Alex Hynes, Danni Dusek, Lewis Hunt and Peter Ricci when Bondi Vet: Coast to Coast premieres on Friday, October 11 at 7.30pm on Nine. 

Sharing a rare passion for animals, our vets face many challenges as we follow them from coast to coast and get a unique insight into the heartwarming, heartbreaking and rewarding world of four special vets dedicated to caring for animals every day.

Dr Alex Hynes is an emergency veterinarian who is always in the thick of the action at Brisbane’s Animal Emergency Service. When she is not saving lives in the emergency room she is pursuing her other passion, health and fitness.

Dr Peter Ricci, the Perth-based veterinarian, lives and breathes animals as he works around the clock in the emergency hospital at Murdoch University and at Perth Zoo, as well as looking after his own menagerie of animals at home.

In Sydney, we follow Dr Lewis Hunt who was destined to be a vet – he is the son of one. He runs his practice on the Northern Beaches, adored by clients for his warmth and wholehearted approach to his work.

Our fourth vet, Dr Danni Dusek in Melbourne, is the new darling of the series, with an emotional and candid approach to the job and her clients. With such passion for animals, Dr Danni is loved by all.

Joining the team will also be the tenacious Dr Kate Adams. No ordinary veterinarian, she runs the ever busy Bondi Vet Hospital and works tirelessly to ensure pets and other animals always get the treatment they require.

This program is produced by WTFN for Nine.





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