The Beach House Escape


If 2020 was the year of the lockdown, 2021 is going to be the year of soul searching. And property searching. People will know that life is short and they’ll yearn for a seachange. For themselves and their family.

In these strange new times where proximity is bad, cities are hot spots and travel is a distant memory, Australians have begun to reconnect with their long-held vision of the good life: a place by the sea.

Isolated but near to those classic touchstones – a pub, a milk bar, and the kinds of people un-jaded by city life, who value fresh food, good friends and a “simple life”.

Premiering in May 2021, Beach House Escape will be a mid-year break to a warm and sunny locale, a month-long holiday in paradise. Set in an idyllic seaside town, an old home right on the beachfront is ready for a complete makeover to make Australia’s best beach house.

In this elimination show, ten talented people who’ve always dreamed of escaping the rat race, the big smoke, the daily grind, will spend six weeks renovating this seaside getaway. They are a mix of tradies, designers and creative and enthusiastic renovators. When they arrive they will be met by our friendly and vivacious host, real-estate agent and self-made beach house/sea change expert Shelley Craft. The ten contestants will be paired up into teams of two as they set about bringing new life into this beachside abode.

They will also need to get to know the local tradies and small business owners and how they work here in an idyllic seaside environment. Out here there are less tradies, skilled labour and shops than in the city. Here, more pressing matters like a perfect right hand break and Friday night bowls take priority.






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