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Since Australian Ninja Warrior first hit our TV screens, Ninja fever has well and truly swept the nation. Ninja Warrior training has become a movement across the country: from professional facilities to backyard obstacle courses, from toddlers to twilights, Australia is gripped.

Australian Ninja Warrior is home to the toughest obstacle course in the world, and now the global phenomenon returns, set to put Australia’s fittest and fastest to the test.

The ultimate goal remains the same: conquer Mount Midoriyama. It took seven seasons in the USA, remains unconquered in the UK, and now the challenge is on for the second season here in Australia. But to even get close, Ninjas will have to take on some 38 obstacles that stand in their way.

This season is bigger and better, with 300 Ninjas – 50 more than last year. There is an extra heat, an extra semi-final, and a two-part grand final where only those that complete each stage make it to the next one for a chance of taking out the title of Australia’s first Ninja Warrior. With no-body taking it in Season 1, this year the prize money jackpots to $200,000.

This season’s Ninjas are a combination of returning heroes that our audience grew to love and a whole new breed that sat on the couch watching the show in 2017, thinking, “I can do that”.

Around a third of this year’s Ninjas are returning to try their luck at claiming the title, and joining them will be plenty of new emerging talent ready to bring a fresh approach, having studied last year’s Ninjas.

Amongst those returning are last year’s memorable “Deadly Ninja”, Jack Wilson; world history-making female rock climber Andrea Hah and her fellow Blue Mountains crew, Lee and Ben Cossey and Tom O’Halloran; the Parkour twins Brodie and Dylan Pawson, and our biggest YouTube sensation, Olivia Vivian, to name just a few.

Many returning Ninjas have also banded together to train since their last attempt at the course. Teaming up as the “Misfits” are Melbourne’s Kadeem “The Dream” Evans, Georgia Bonora and Ashlin Herbert; Perth’s Ninja Academy crew featuring the Ravi brothers, Ben Polson plus Olivia Vivian; and Adelaide’s Base Camp, boasting the talent of Celeste “Aerial Ninja” Dixon, Alex Bigg and Season 1 finalist Luke Williams.

The six females who made it to the semi-finals last year are back with a fresh determination to make their mark. Hot on their heels are more women who have taken up Ninja training as inspired by Andrea Hah and her conquering of the Warped Wall in Season 1. They will not disappoint on the course that doesn’t discriminate.

We have also seen love blossom among Ninjas, sons bringing back their mothers, sibling rivalry hit a new height, and best friends tackle the course side by side.

There’s no doubt, this year’s competitors are stronger, faster and fiercer than before. But new obstacles are set to challenge this year’s competitors in ways they are not expecting. Experience or not, they’ll need something truly awe-inspiring to be in with a chance.

So far, Mt Midoriyama has stood unconquered. Will Australian Ninja Warrior create history in Season 2?


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