Millionaire Hot Seat


Since it premiered on April 20, 2009, Millionaire Hot Seat has become Australia’s longest running quiz show – and remains the only program on Australian television where it is possible to win $1 million.

The new, supercharged one-hour version, hosted by Eddie McGuire, starts with contestants going head-to-head in a rapid-fire battle of Fastest Finger First. All six contestants will face the same 15 questions, with the fastest and most accurate winning a cash prize at the half-way mark of the program. When the winner of Fastest Finger First makes it to the Hot Seat, he or she will have the option of keeping the cash prize or swapping it for one of three Lifelines:

  • 50/50 – Two incorrect answers will be removed.
  • Switch – The question will be substituted for a new one.
  • Ask-a-Friend – The contestant can ask a friend in the audience for help.





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