Return to Richmond Vale


NBN News is proud to present 'Return to Richmond Vale' - a half hour 30th anniversary sequel to the 1988 Logie Award winning documentary 'The Richmond Vale Railway'.


30 years on, we catch up with those who took part in unprecedented industrial action over the closure of Australia's last commercial steam railway that operated from Hexham, near Newcastle, for over 100 years. NBN News was on location for the last dramatic weeks leading up to the coal railway's closure and also for the 3 week protest that involved a hijacked steam locomotive.
Return to Richmond Vale is filmed, written and produced by veteran NBN News cameraman David Threlfo who worked on the original 1988 documentary. It is narrated by respected NBN News journalist/presenter Natasha Beyersdorf and reveals new information about the events that led to the unexpected protest, told by the men who were there. The special also details how strongly they still feel about the line, 30 years on:
"I've always been a unionist and I'll die a unionist.." "If you don't have principles, you're not worth two bob.." "It was special mate.. special.." "We all looked out for each other.." "It was good while she lasted.."
The documentary also celebrates the days of steam in what was Australia's last ever commercial rail operation that hauled coal in timber wagons across the expansive Hexham Wetlands.
For a special and emotive look back at whistles in the valley and country splendour crossed, and a time that once was and an age forever lost, join NBN News and return to Richmond Vale - one last time – Saturday 31st March at 12noon on Nine.









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